Monday, July 27, 2015

My Kooky Corys

My albinos decided to sit still long enough for me to snap a picture.
My little freshwater aquarium is home to six corydoras. Over the weekend, I did a 20% water change. Nothing too exciting about that, just routine maintenance. I have a rain barrel in my back yard to collect roof runoff, which the fish like, especially the occasional mosquito larva that makes for a nummy treat for a lucky cory.

But this time, I added some blackwater extract I found on Amazon. Corys are blackwater fish, and I want to simulate their natural environment as much as possible. Man, what a difference! These are usually pretty mellow fish. They have periods of activity, such as when the plant light clicks on in the morning and at feeding time, but mostly they just lounge around on the decorations or on the bottom substrate.

After I added the extract, the little guys went crazy, darting around all over the place. That was yesterday and they're still at it. I have never seen them be so active for so long. I'm definitely adding this stuff at every water change from now on. Best. Investment. Ever.

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