Rules and Protocols

I'm fairly laid-back, so I don't have a lot of rules. However, if you express a desire to be My slave, you will follow My rules without exception. I also don't have many protocols. I like to tailor things to each individual slave. The few universal protocols I insist on for everyone are listed here.


  1. When speaking to Me, you will address Me as Miss K, Goddess, or Princess.
  2. When communicating with Me through IM, text, or email, you will always use proper spelling and grammar. "Text speak" such as 'u' instead of "you" or 'y' in place of "why" offends My refined sensibilities. Never use it with Me.
  3. I expect you to check in with Me daily. This can be done by email, text, or IM, depending on which method is most convenient for both of us. I require one check-in per day but I may permit you to contact Me more frequently if you please Me.


  1. I do not tolerate lies, even by omission. If you lie to Me, you will be banished from My presence permanently.
  2. There will be no secrets. Privacy is a privilege and slaves are not permitted to withhold anything from Me.
  3. Slaves must be both specific and explicit in all forms of communication. Slaves are encouraged to speak about those areas of life where there have been improvements and those areas where they feel uncomfortable, insecure, or unsure of what direction they should take. Slaves are allowed to suggest ways to further their training or use as long as they address Me properly first.
  4. Be dependable; be where you say you will be, when you say you will be there, and do what you say you will do. If I tell you to be on cam at 8:00 PM, I expect you at 8:00, not 8:03. If I give you a task, you will complete it by the deadline I set. If you have made an agreement and discover that you may be not be able to complete it on time, you will contact Me and discuss the situation before the time period expires.
  5. If I have accepted you as My collared property, you will have no other Mistress than Me. I do not share with other dominants.
  6. All money earned by slaves is Mine to do with as I see fit. I will give you an allowance based on your income and financial needs.