Serve Me

Current open positions are listed here with a description of the duties required. All subs will receive pictures or videos of Me modeling/using their gifts or spending their cash. Gift cards will be photographed and uploaded to My blog and other social media sites. All identifying information will be blacked out before upload.

Shopping Slave:
I love getting done up in sexy dresses and lingerie or comfy jeans and pretty tops. I also love cute pajamas. I deserve to be gorgeous 24/7 - even when I'm sleeping! Shopping slaves are required to clear all items from My clothing wishlist every month. No shoes or boots.

Shoe Slut:
Whether it's super sexy stilettos, thigh-high boots, funky, chunky heels, or adorable flats, I can never get enough shoes. My shoe sluts supply Me with a minimum of one new pair of shoes from My wish list every month.

Wishlist Bitch:
Wishlist bitches must purchase enough items from any of My wishlists to total a minimum of $200.00, before taxes and shipping, per month. No clothing/shoes.

Caffeine Connection:
No cheap, crappy Starbucks or Lipton is allowed to offend My sensitive palette! I only imbibe the finest gourmet coffee and tea. As My caffeine slave, your job is to make sure My cupboard is fully stocked. Minimum $35.00 per month.

Online Cuckold:
My cuckolds are required to pay for My dates with whatever hot body I'm playing with at the moment. Minimum of $100.00 per date. Rewards include a detailed account of the night's activities. Cucks who prove their loyalty and devotion may have a chance to earn greater rewards such as being allowed to choose My outfit, receiving texts during My date, or any special souvenirs I decide to send you. For added humiliation, I may even cuckold you with another woman!

Sugar Slave:
As a true slave, the main goal of your existence is to make My life easier. Adopt any - or ALL! - of My monthly bills. I don't care if you have to work overtime, sell your possessions, sacrifice your own enjoyment, or even take a second job to provide for Me. It's nothing less than I deserve, because I’m too pretty to work.

Promo Pig:
My promo pigs pay to promote Me on social media. I expect you to like, reblog, retweet, and otherwise boost all of My posts. I also expect you to schedule your own posts extolling My many virtues and expressing your devotion to Me. To qualify, you must have at least 500 followers on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, FetLife, or other social media platform. I also expect you to enlist the services of other promo slaves on those platforms and pay any fees associated with that. For the privilege of assuming this vital role, you'll surrender $50 per month.

Human ATM:
The lowest of low, My human ATM surrenders cash and gift cards with no expectations. The only reward you will receive is knowing I'm smiling as I spend your cash. If you do not have at least $500 to spare per month, this is not the position for you.

Drive-By Pay Pig:
Any of the previously listed positions but without being owned or collared. Can be done repeatedly.

Photo/Video Slave:
Listen up, exhibitionists! This is your golden opportunity to strut your slutty self for the camera. This will be solo work, not an in-person session. I'll give you tasks to perform and you'll record or photograph yourself doing them. I will retain all rights to any material you submit to Me. Showing your face is not required and you can wear a mask or edit the image to blur or crop your face. However, this does require you to sign a release form and provide Me with a copy of your photo ID for legal purposes. Gotta comply with Section 2257.