What is financial domination (findom)?
Financial domination is when a submissive/slave gives their dominant partner control over financial decisions. Many lifestyle D/s (M/s) relationships include a financial domination component. In some cases, the submissive partner turns over their paycheck or deposits it into a joint bank account and is given an allowance. In others, the submissive partner maintains a separate bank account but gives control over the money to a dominant partner.

The financial domination fetish, which is what most people think of when they hear financial domination, is often fueled by a need to submit to a strong authority figure. In our materialistic society, wealth is frequently equated with power, especially for men. A man's status is judged by how much earning potential he has, the type of car he drives, the size and location of his house, the success of his investment portfolio - the list goes on and on. For some men, the act of giving money and gifts to a dominant woman becomes the ultimate form of surrender.

How did you get into financial domination?
I wouldn't say I "got into" financial domination as much as I discovered there was a name for what I was already doing. Even as a teenager, I loved twisting boys around My finger and seeing how far they would go to please Me. Sometimes I would require them to buy Me a book I wanted or bring Me a single, long-stem rose. I loved knowing they would sacrifice their allowance, or even get a part-time job, just so they could give Me things and see Me smile. As I got older, that desire only increased. My love language is receiving gifts, so it makes sense.

What do you like most about financial domination?
The money, of course! But really, it's about control. Control is My primary fetish and knowing My subs can't even buy a soft drink or a bag of chips without My permission is a huge rush for Me. I also love getting into a sub's head and figuring out what makes them tick. Mental domination is a turn-on.

What other kinky activities do you enjoy?
Lots. Read About Me to learn more.

Do you work/go to school?
I graduated with honors and hold a B.A. in English with an emphasis on creative writing. I make a living doing freelance writing supplemented with customer service work I do from home. I am also a digital artist and sell My work on sites like Cafepress, Zazzle, and DeviantArt. So you see, I don't need your money...I just enjoy taking it.

Are you accepting new subs/slaves?
Always. Read the Serve Me page to see what positions I have available and then contact Me for an application.

What are you looking for in a sub?
Loyalty, honesty, and willingness to sacrifice for My pleasure. I prefer long-term financial slaves who can tribute on at least a monthly basis. However, I'm open to short-term subs who can only send a gift or tribute once in a while.

What do subs get from you?
They get My time and attention. I like to customize the experience for each individual so I can't really be more specific than that. How much time and attention depends on how much a sub pleases Me.

Do you cam verify?
I have profiles on multiple platforms including NiteFlirt, Instagram, FetLife, and Twitter. I have a verification photo on FetLife and I'm cam verified on Findoms. I also have multiple photos here. If that isn't enough for you, you're shit outta luck. If you're that paranoid, I'm not interested in you anyway.

Do you offer cam sessions for humiliation/ignore/just to chat?
Only to My loyal subjects.

Do you have a clips store?
Yes, I have one on Clips4Sale. Find it HERE. A few of these clips are also available on NiteFlirt. I may decide to make clips available on other platforms in the future, but it's not a priority.

Can I buy your...?
Yes, you can. I have photo sets available and I also offer miscellaneous personal items, such as shoes, stockings, etc., for worship. Prices vary depending on the item and include shipping. Contact Me for details.

Will we ever meet in person?
Probably not. I won't rule it out completely, but it's unlikely. If it ever does happen, it will be solely at My discretion and only after a lengthy period of online interaction. I'm talking about years of loyal and dedicated service, not merely a couple of weeks of chatting. If you pester Me about it, the answer will be an automatic NO.

But I want to take you shopping/spoil you/hand over cash in person...
So what? I don't care. It's not about what you want, it's about what I want. Mind your place.

Will we ever have sex?
LMAO. Die in a fire.