Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Learned A Thing - ASMR (Part 2)

A couple of days ago I blogged about how I learned that ASMR is a thing. Yesterday, while I was having My usual girls' night out with My best friend, I told her what I'd learned. As luck would have it, she has ASMR triggers too. Apparently, one of her other friends is highly susceptible to ASMR and has been trying to get her to check it out for years but she never made the connection until now.

I watched a couple of ASMR videos with her to see which ones she liked best. So far, I still haven't experienced the tingling sensation she described, but I know that I like the tapping of typing on a computer keyboard (not to be confused with the sound of a typewriter), scratching of a very sharp pencil or calligraphy pen writing or drawing on paper, and paper crinkling as long as it's done slow. Speed seems to be an issue for Me on the crinkling. If it's too fast, I find it annoying.

I may not have found any sounds that give Me ASMR, but I've definitely found "anti-ASMR" triggers. Unfortunately, one of the most popular ASMR triggers is whispering and that is My anti-trigger. Whispering or very soft-spoken ASMR videos grate on my nerves and make Me want to stab something. From my research I think the phenomenon is called misophonia although I don't think it's disruptive enough to qualify as a disorder in my case.

At any rate, I've decided I'm definitely going to start experimenting with making ASMR videos for My BFF. I'll post some of them here so you can check them out.

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