Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Boudoir - A Work In Progress

Other than a handful of posts, I've been mostly MIA for a few months. I'm sure you're wondering what your Goddess has been up to lately. Part of My posting hiatus has been due to My civilian job. The busiest time of year is the run-up to the holidays and for a couple of weeks afterward. From mid-October to mid-January, My schedule consists mainly of eating, sleeping, and working. All the overtime is great for My finances, but plays havoc with everything else.

This season, however, is a bit different. A couple of years ago, I relocated from sunny southern California to the Hell on Earth that is the Midwest in order to be closer to and help care for aging relatives. Snow is evil, people. E.V. I. L. I miss the beach.


The house I live in was built in the 1950s and I'm pretty sure the decor hasn't been updated since the 1970s. The previous owner of the house was a college sports fanatic and had the brilliant idea to decorate the house in the colors of his and his wife's favorite teams, with each room dedicated to a different school. Talk about hideous color schemes. Blech!!! It needs a lot of work to bring it up to My exacting standards.

This is what My bedroom looked like when I moved in:

How heinous is that? It's not as obvious in the photo as when you were actually standing in the room, but that yellow had a putrid green undertone that made it the same color as baby shit. I finally got so sick of it that I was going to stab someone in the eye if I had to look at it for another minute. So what little spare time I have has been dedicated to redecorating.

So far, I've repainted and ordered new curtains but I'm nowhere near finished. I'm replacing everything from the light fixture to the hardware on the door. I'd love to replace the flooring too but that job is a bit out of My league. I'll have to make do with a couple of area rugs until I can hire someone. I'm even considering upgrading My bed frame although I haven't decided what style I want yet. I could pay for all the updates Myself, but why should I? That's what you're for.

I know your man meat twitched just now as you imagined My luscious body reclining in a fancy new bed. Just think how much more exciting it would be to know that you contributed to My comfort. Imagine Me slipping into some silky lingerie and then sliding between a pair of downy soft sheets paid for by you. That sounds amazing, doesn't it? Well, it can happen. All you have to do is contribute to My boudoir fund. It's easy. Just head over to My tribute page and click a button. Click more than one. The more you spend, the better you feel. I also accept Amazon gift cards. Send them to kirielember(at)gmail(dot)com. I know you want to please Me and this is one of the many ways I've so generously provided for you. Now hurry up and please Me again.

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