Friday, March 14, 2014

R.I.P. Jack

I'm taking a day off from My regular schedule to help my BFF, S. Her cat, Jack, crossed the Rainbow Bridge late last night. It was a sudden loss, and she has another cat, so we had to take Jack-Jack to the vet for a necropsy to make sure it wasn't something contagious.

Jack was originally a feral cat who decided to adopt S.'s former roommate, M. When M. moved to Arizona to help care for his elderly grandmother, he left Jack with S. Jack was always a skittish kitty, thanks to his hard-knock life on the streets. But with S. he finally started to relax and be a sweet and affectionate pet.

S. and I met and became friends a little over a year ago. She'd had Jack for a couple of years and his penchant for hiding under furniture or in the kitchen cupboard was just a personality quirk she'd come to accept. Until she went out of town for a week and asked Me to look after her pets while she was away.

Within that week, Jack decided I was his human, thank you very much. When I came over to visit, he would often greet Me almost as soon as I was in the door. If I spent the night at S.'s house, he liked to sleep with Me at the foot of the guest bed. He never - and I mean never - sat on anyone's lap. Except Mine.

So, yeah, Jack and I bonded and I'm very sad to see him leave this world. But the vet said he died of natural causes, most likely a heart attack. Jack was a senior kitty. The vet estimated he was around 12 years old. So his death isn't entirely unexpected, it just came as a surprise since he'd been fine and playful earlier in the day.

Goodbye, Jack-Jack. You were a good boy and you will be missed. Catch you on the flip side, Mr. Fuzzybutt. I'll have plenty of scritches for you when we meet again. <3

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