Thursday, September 11, 2014

30 Days of Books - Day 11

A book that disappointed you

A few weeks ago, I posted about winning a copy of The Last Kiss Goodbye by Karen Robards in a giveaway. I wanted to like it. I love paranormal romance and it seemed promising.

Apparently, The Last Kiss Goodbye is the second book in a series of novels involving forensic psychiatrist Dr. Charlotte "Charlie" Stone as the main character. I don't want to do a full review, but suffice it to say, the book did not live up to My expectations.

All of the problems with The Last Kiss Goodbye have already been established earlier in the series, so no need to worry about spoilers. Here's a quick run-down of why I, the die-hard paranormal romance fan, couldn't suspend My disbelief for this novel:
  • Charlie is a forensic psychiatrist who studies serial killers - she's also psychic and sees dead people Sixth Sense style.
  • Michael Garland was one of Charlie's subjects but he was killed in a prison riot - now he's a ghost and is haunting Charlie but can still materialize enough to take a knife for her and save her life.
  • Even though Michael was a convicted serial killer, Charlie is not convinced of his guilt and is on a mission to uncover the truth.
  • Tony Bartoli is an FBI agent who likes to call Charlie to consult with his team on their cases - he would also like to date her.
  • Charlie wouldn't mind dating Tony but there's one small problem - she has the hots for Michael.
  • Even though Charlie knows Michael should go to whatever afterlife awaits, she's working with a Voodoo practitioner and fellow psychic to keep Michael's ghost on Earth.
  • Ghost sex - 'nuff said.

I tried really hard to like this book. I did. But no...just no.

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