Friday, September 5, 2014

30 Days of Books - Day 5

A book or series you hate

The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. I don't care how popular they are, GTFO with that trash.

These books are shining examples of every writing cliche in every "how not to write" reference book in the history of ever. Every. Single. One. It's bad enough that 50 Shades is fan fiction of the Twilight novels - which are poorly written in the first place - but E. L. James' writing is even worse than Stephanie Meyer's! Proving, once again, that talent is not a prerequisite for fame and fortune, it's just a perk.

To make matters worse, 50 Shades takes the abusive relationship elements found in Twilight and ramps them up to 11 by adding BDSM to the mix. This study in domestic violence is further glamorized by making the perpetrator a multi-billionaire. Don't get Me wrong; I have no problem with kink as long as it's between consenting adults. Obviously. The key word here is consent. 50 Shades violates the informed consent rule at every turn and then rationalizes it away by claiming it's part of the male lead's neurosis and should be forgiven because it's not his fault.

I call bullshit.

But don't take My word for it. Check out The 50 Shades Reviews over at Bizzybiz Blog. Amberance reads the 50 Shades trilogy (so you don't have to) and her reviews are hysterically funny. Don't try to drink anything while you read her blog unless you like the burning sensation of liquid spewing out your nose.

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